• Medicare has a number different parts designed to help seniors get the coverage they want.

    For some seniors, the basic Medicare plan won’t cover them well enough.

    That Medicare plan contains parts A and B, covering many inpatient and outpatient expenses, like nursing care, hospital stays, medications and doctor’s office visits.

    But what do other parts of Medicare cover?

    You might have heard about Medicare Part G, which we will discuss in detail for you here.

    This is actually a part of Medicare known as Medicare Plan G.

    The Part G name is simply a common misconception.



    免费ssr节点2021So many seniors hear about Plan G and the different parts of Medicare that they can sometimes get them confused with one another.

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    Plan G is so popular because it fills in more gaps than any of the other Medicare Supplements.





    Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm EST



    Each of the Supplement plans has its own set of coverage, decided upon by Medicare.

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    So, that means that no matter which insurance provider you get Plan G from, you always get the same coverage.

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    However, the coverage remains the same, and that can be very helpful for v2ray高速节点分享seniors to know as they try to compare the plans and then try to find good price on Plan G.

    Let’s talk about Medicare Plan G and what kind of medical benefits it can provide for you.

    It covers you for all of the following medical expenses and services:

    medicare supplement plans
    • Medicare hospice coinsurance- Providing coverage for hospice care that isn’t covered already by the basic Medicare plan


    • Medicare Part A copayments- Helping you pay for hospital stays and minimizing your out-of-pocket costs for common medical care


    • Medicare Part A deductible- This annual expense is $1,408, and Plan G can cover it completely for you. This is one of the major medical benefits of the powerful Supplement Plan G


    • Medicare Part B copayments- Covering you for doctor’s visits, ER visits and more and reducing some of the more common out-of-pocket expenses


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    • Foreign travel exchange- Medicare Plan G covers you for up to 80% every time you need to be transported out of the country for a medical emergency, with up to $50,000 in lifetime coverage


    • Blood usage- Original Medicare may take care of most of your blood usage costs, but Plan G covers the first three each year for you.


    This is some pretty comprehensive coverage, and most seniors will be well medicare supplement planscovered with Plan G backing them up.

    They might not have to pay much of anything out of their own pockets every time they visit the hospital, doctor’s office, clinic or other healthcare facility.


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    Medicare plan G is not the only high coverage Medicare Supplement available.

    Another one that a lot of senior小火箭ssr永久免费节点s are going for is Plan N.

    This Supplement plan is offering some similar high coverage, and it might even be more economical than Plan G.

    Under Medicare Supplement Plan N’s coverage, you can enjoy medical benefits like Medicare Part A and B copayments, Medicare Part A’s annual deductible, Medicare Part A hospice coinsurance, nursing care coinsurance, blood use, and foreign travel exchange.

    Now, Plan N will not cover all Medicare Part B copayments.

    It requires you to pay some of the smaller ones, and these are only $20 and $50 for your visits to the ER and to the doctor.

    Plan N covers most of the supplemental expenses, and the reason we say it is medicare supplement plansso economical is because it is often quite a bit cheaper than Plan G, but the coverage is nearly identical.

    What it does not cover for you tends to be medical expenses that are simply uncommon or not very expensive.

    You’ll want to compare Plan N closely to Plan G and make sure you are making the right choice.

    A lot of seniors save money with Plan N, even though Supplement Plan G is the more popular choice.





    Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm EST



    You may want to look at Supplement Plan F as well.

    medicare supplement plansThis will cover you for all supplemental expenses, making it a full coverage Supplement.

    No other Medigap plan can offer what it does, and it used to be the most popular Supplement plan on the market.

    It’s no longer on the market for most people, however.

    A few years ago, Medicare Supplement Plan F was delisted.

    Insurance companies were simply charging too much for it and not valuing it properly.


    medicare supplement plans

    The high prices caused the US government to take action, stepping in and legislating Plan F to be delisted.

    best Medicare supplement plansNow, the only way you can even access Plan F is if you have it as your current health insurance plan.

    If you were enrolled in Plan F at the moment that it was delisted, you could continue to stay enrolled in it year after year.

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    Plan F is offering coverage for Medicare Part B’s annual deductible of $198.

    That’s not a substantial medical benefit, by any means, but it is one that none of the other Supplement plans are offering.

    Medicare Part G, or Plan G, does not cover that for you, but it doesn’t have to in order to save you money.

    Compare Medicare Plan G Cost




    Mon – Fri : 8am – 8pm EST

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